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Relevant Publications

Below are a few of my publications which are most relevant to assessment and health & behavior practices. For additional publications, please press here:

A Sampling of Relevant Publications (Previous Name: JE Stevenson)


Stucky, K. J., & Jutte, J. E. (Eds.). (2021). Critical care psychology and rehabilitation: Principles and practice. Oxford University Press.

Book Chapter

Jutte, J. E., Jackson, J. C., & Hopkins, R. (2017). Rehabilitation psychology insights for treatment of critical illness. In O.J. Bienvenu, C. Jones, & R.O. Hopkins (Eds.). Psychological and Cognitive Impact of Critical Illness (pp 105-139). Oxford University Press

Peer Reviewed Manuscript

Jutte, J. E., Erb, C., & Jackson, J. C. (2015). Physical, cognitive and psychological disability following critical illness. What is the risk? Seminars in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 36, 1-16.

Book Chapter

Stevenson, J. E., Kortte, K. B., Salorio, C., & Rohe, D. E. (2013). Assessment in Rehabilitation Psychology. In K. Geisenger (Ed.-in-Chief), B.A. Bracken, J.F. Carlson, J.C. Hansen, N.R. Kuncel, S.P. Reise, & M.C. Rodriguez (Assoc. Eds.), APA handbooks in psychology: APA handbook of testing and assessment in psychology: Volume 2, Testing and Assessment in Clinical and Counseling Psychology (pp. 501-521). Washington DC: American Psychological Association.

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