I offer pre-surgical, career and fitness for duty to return to work assessments. As a rehabilitation and health psychologist, I use a "Guiding Framework" (Jutte et al., 2013) to inform each of my assessments, allowing for a comprehensive and holistic evaluation of each individual who is referred.


I provide Health & Behavior assessment and intervention for individuals diagnosed with cancer. My approach is grounded in empirical research and guided by compassion and empathy. 


I offer assessment as well as mentoring, coaching and consultation for individuals who may be: at the beginning of their career journey, dissatisfied with their career or work/life balance, experiencing a sense of burnout, or looking to transition to a new career. 


I am one of only a few psychologists in the United States with expertise in outcomes associated with critical illnesses/injuries. I offer (1) intervention for survivors; (2) consultation to family members while their loved one is in the hospital and afterward; (3) consultation to providers and medical systems.


I have many years of experience writing and publishing as well as serving in an editorial role. I am available to assist students and early career faculty with moving their manuscripts through the publishing process.


I work with executives in a variety of roles and businesses including: chief officers, managers, academic administrators, construction supervisors/managers, and business owners. Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. I can help you understand and figure out your best course of action and how to do it successfully.


I am available to provide expert witness chart review for cases related to delirium, critical illnesses, catastrophic injuries and related long-term outcomes such as PTSD, anxiety, functional disability, depression or questions pertaining to return to work.


Balint Group Facilitation

A Balint Group is a purposeful, regular meeting among medical/mental health/allied health providers with discussion of any topic that occupies a provider's mind outside of his or her usual clinical encounters. Individuals or organizations may contact me to coordinate facilitation for your provider group.

Critical Illness Survivors Support Group

If you are a survivor of the ICU or a caregiver/family member, this group is for you. 


Health & Behavior intervention includes identifying and modifying thoughts and behaviors that relate to your physical problems. This therapy is not psychotherapy, which addresses mental health problems. If needed, you can also see a psychotherapist for mental health concerns.


I provide coaching and therapy for health professionals including nurses, physicians, frontline medical staff and mental health providers. I also offer consultation for working with your patients.

Dr. Jennifer Jutte is one of only a few psychologists in North America who specialize in treating patients with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and cognitive impairment AFTER intensive care hospitalization/critical illness. She is an expert in psychological assessment and in the delivery of specialized psychological services and she combines a sharp intellect with a warm and nurturing persona. She is outstandingly capable and will put clients at ease, as she supports and guides them on their way to healing and wholeness. Please consider her as a referral source - I certainly will.

James C. Jackson, PsyD ~ Director of Behavioral Health, ICU Recovery Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN