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I am passionate about offering psychological assessment and evaluation services. As a rehabilitation and health psychologist, I use a "Guiding Framework" (Jutte et al., 2013) to inform each of my assessments, allowing for a comprehensive and holistic evaluation of each individual who is referred.


Fitness for duty evaluations are psychological examinations that are requested by the employer. These evaluations are intended to determine whether the employee can safely perform essential job functions. The evaluation typically includes a clinical interview, assessment measures, records review, collateral interview(s), and a report.


Some countries require a psychological evaluation as part of the adoption process. My goal is to make this as stress-free as possible by letting you know up front what you can expect. My recommendations will be created to help you to be proactive in addressing needs you may have and to anticipate challenges. The evaluation typically includes a clinical interview of each parent, a combined interview (if adopting with a partner), psychological measures (if required by the country), and a letter or report to the adoption agency. 

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